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Support that Recovery Residents Give to Each OtherOne of the most common things I notice here at AToN Center is the support that our residents give to each other.  When a new resident walks into our doors, they have been in isolation; hiding their use, lying to themselves and others, and frightened about the new chapter to come: Recovery.  Very quickly the new resident is welcomed by staff and veteran residents.  The new addition to the AToN Family often feels safe, welcome and understood.

Our residents become close to one another as they share and participate in each other’s recovery.  It is a unique and cherished experience that our residents have here.  Often, they are excited yet nervous to leave the safe and supportive environment at AToN.

Residents who tend to excel after exiting our doors are the residents who build a new support system. They attend support meetings consistently and they attend other levels of treatment such as sober living and intensive outpatient programming.  Please do not neglect this vital aspect of your recovery. Get support, and be supportive –  it will be a safeguard to your recovery.

Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
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