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Living With a Higher Purpose

Just as there are many colors on a color wheel, there are many color values, as well. Each color is unique, and each value gives us the full spectrum with which to view our world. Not unlike the values associated …

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Why Am I Grieving After Substance Use?

If we are getting treatment for substance use, we have obviously made a good choice for our lives. Things seem to be going fairly well as we progress in treatment, and then suddenly, we are hit with this powerful sense …

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The Value of Hypnosis in Treatment

The power of suggestion has long been used to influence people’s choices. Advertising is a multibillion-dollar industry that thrives on finding new and more powerful ways to influence us through suggestions. The reason the industry is thriving is because the …

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What Does Time Management Have to Do with Recovery?

Time management sounds like a presentation we would have at work. Learning to schedule our time, use our time more effectively, and use a calendar properly hardly seem like they have anything to do with treatment for substance use. What …

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Becoming Whole

When a bone is fractured, there are many variables that determine if and how well it heals. Seeking proper treatment as soon as possible is the most important factor in order for the fracture to heal correctly. Often, there are …

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The Perils of Replacement Addictions

Recovery from substance use is a road that has hidden perils all along the way. One of the unseen dangers is replacement addiction, or substituting one addiction with another addiction. This is not true recovery, as we are still trying …

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Coping With Anger in Recovery

Recovery can be filled with all kinds of powerful emotions. As we make the switch from substance use, and behaving as people filled with overwhelming and compulsive behaviors to people who have more control over our impulses and emotions, we …

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Do I Have to Leave Friends and Family Behind after Treatment?

Imagine this scenario:  you are ready to take an amazing journey, the trip of a lifetime. You invite all of your friends and family and start packing the car. When everything is in the car, you motion to everyone to …

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The Peace of Recovery

Life can be chaotic even without substance use, let’s just be honest about it. When we add substance abuse, as well as the reasons that we drink or do drugs, our lives can just feel like a disaster inside and …

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How Can I Love Myself Again?

Substance use can damage us in ways we never anticipated. On the surface, there are behaviors we exhibit and the mistakes we make cost us our finances, jobs, and relationships. We feel the changes in our bodies and our minds. …

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