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Good, Clear Times

Think back to the good times of your childhood.  Images may come to mind such as running around for hours on end in a park playing football with friends. You may remember long bike rides to the ice cream parlor …

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Pain + Growth = Recovery

Sometimes we realize that it is painful to grow and as much as we don’t want the pain we need the changes to occur in our life. Growing means getting out of our comfort zone, trying new and sometimes uncomfortable …

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Food for the Soul

Sometimes we can look at addiction from the perspective of feeding something that is in us,  a need, a desire, a craving…  Learning to feed ourselves in a way that is nourishing and healthy can be a difficult task in …

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Motivation for Recovery

Keeping Up Motivation for Recovery

This weekend we at AToN Center participated in the Hero’s in Recovery 6K. It was amazing to see such great support from people in or who care about recovery. Working towards Breaking The Stigma is a passion of mine and …

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Cross Addiction Treatment

Cross Addictions

Cross addiction means exchanging, substituting, or transferring one harmful dependency for another. Addiction is a learned behavior. Individuals learn that they can avoid negative states or achieve positive states by taking a substance or engaging in a certain behavior. Once …

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Don't Forget Your Past, Learn From It

Don’t Forget Your Past, Learn From It

Often in my work with AToN residents we happen across the difficult issue of what perspective to take on one’s personal history.  This can either be issues related to their family of origin or mistakes that they have made during …

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Substitute Socialization - Addiction for Social Reasons

Substitute Socialization – Addiction for Social Reasons

Substitute Socialization.  Initially many people get into their addictions because of social reasons.  Their main group of friends are drinkers and go out clubbing on the weekends.  Your buddies all got into marijuana and that became the evening activity people …

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