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Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Many of us do things that are irrational. For example, why is it that those of us with food allergies often have cravings for the very foods we are allergic to? Or why is it that we are more attracted …

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Why Do I Need to Exercise?

Imagine if we found a classic old car that hadn’t been driven in more than a decade. Maybe some of the parts were rusted, but it was worth repairing. We worked to restore the engine, and the time came to …

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How Can I Love Myself Again?

Substance use can damage us in ways we never anticipated. On the surface, there are behaviors we exhibit and the mistakes we make cost us our finances, jobs, and relationships. We feel the changes in our bodies and our minds. …

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Along with the learning curve that is recovery itself, there is a lot of vocabulary surrounding different therapy methods. Chances are good that we didn’t even know that there were different types of therapy. Amongst all of the different types, …

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What Is EMDR and How is it Used?

Entering into recovery opens new paths in life and new understandings. One of the difficult parts of understanding can be all of the new words and acronyms that fly around. Going through detox and subsequent recovery can be hard enough …

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Putting the “Power” in “Empowerment”

There is a saying that goes “If you keep doing the same things you have always done, you will keep getting the same things you have always gotten.” This applies to our thinking, as well. The thought processes we used …

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How Does Past Trauma Affect My Current Recovery?

There is a big correlation between trauma and substance abuse. Trauma is an experience that caused physical and or psychological harm. It could be some form of abuse, an accident, a loss, or other experience that has negatively impacted us …

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Preventing Relapse

When people make the choice to become sober, there is often a fear that they will not be able to stay sober. Recovery is not easy, though, and it includes more than just abstaining from substances. Making the commitment to …

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Finding Freedom In Sobriety

Finding Freedom In Sobriety

Those suffering from addiction find many, many befits from early sobriety. One of those immediate benefits is regaining their personal freedom. It occurs to those who attend treatment at AToN Center that their drug or alcohol abuse actually made them …

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Persistence in Addiction Recovery


The residents I work with at AToN Center are most frequently in a very early state of recovery and are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally unwell. They will often wonder when things will get better. This is a difficult question …

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