“The treatment and services offered at AToN are incredible and are priceless, in my opinion. This was my second time in treatment and the cost was very close to the same. While the other facility was very nice, it did not even compare to AToN in all aspects, from the amenities to the treatment, the cuisine the holistic offerings. Everything is five star. AToN made all the difference in my recovery. The accommodations are second to none and the meals were amazing. The staff is highly trained and I got excellent, REAL counseling, not just fluff. I learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined I would and was given tools that I will carry around for the rest of my life. It may sound cliche, but they helped me learn how to save my life. I eventually had to go home and they helped me see what that would look like in a healthful long-term way.
The menu of holistic offerings is lengthy and of the best quality. I was able to experience yoga, personal training, massage, Watsu, meditation, hypnotherapy, EMDR, and I am sure I am leaving something out. One of the best things they do at AToN, is on the weekends they took all of us on exposure events. This is were we were able to go out into the community and experience a sober lifestyle. Everything we did everyday things like going to the beach, paddle boarding, miniature golf took a trolly ride through downtown San Diego and Coranado Island and they took us out to dinner at very nice restaurants on Sundays. These events were fun but they also served a very big purpose. When I left AToN I went back to the same world I was living in before and it made the transition of not drinking manageable until I could get strong enough where it didn’t matter anymore. ” At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I can not think of one thing. There were challenges to the staff, as one would expect of people in treatment, but they always handled anything that came up with grace and professionalism.