I checked into your program [at the beginning of] 2013, and have been sober every day since. I was struggling with a long-standing addiction to benzodiazapines and marijuana, an eating disorder, self-harm, and depression, a destructive relationship, and within that last year of using I had also been using meth and had become agoraphobic. Man, have things changed since then. When I think about that part of my life, I feel like it was just a movie I saw, or some strange person that I used to know, it doesn’t feel like it was me. My stay and work at Aton was the bridge between that old, destructive person and the person I am today. I’ll be forever grateful for the care I received and the tools I learned at your facility.

So after rehab I did the 90-in-90 at AA and worked the program and went to meetings for a year (we didn’t have SMART in [my area] when I was newly sober, which I would have preferred, but I learned a lot and made a lot of friends in AA), I went to therapy regularly and got all of my health problems sorted out, I quit smoking cigarettes and don’t need to take any psychotropic meds anymore, I got my first job at a movie theatre and worked there for 8 months and then worked as a server in a restaurant for over a year, I finished all of my transfer credits at my local community college so I can go on to get my BA in psychology, and I learned to have happy and healthy relationships with friends and family. I’m still working on boundaries and learning how to say no when I need to. I’ve really had to keep evaluating my relationships and occasionally I need to distance myself from people who want more from me than I can give. I’m a work in progress, but considering where I was three years ago I’m doing really, really well.

So I appreciate all of you at AToN for giving me all of the right skills and resources to become a productive and healthy person. I hope you all are well and that you’re helping lots of other addicts find their way.