Professional, caring, very well-trained and experienced counselors, programs that are individual and meaningful, beautiful facility, excellent food, amazing staff, fun yet productive extracurricular events to help you experience what everyday life is going to be like when you get home. Weakness: I can honestly say that I did see any. First, I would like to share that I have been free of my demon for over a year now and feel amazing. I am certain this would not have been possible without the loving and professional care I received at AToN. The care that I received in both individual and group counseling is second to none. The counselors went above and beyond to ensure I received the kind of support I needed and still call me once a week to see how I am doing. I also had a choice of several different services and treatments each week. That may sound a little “vacation like,” but they were extremely helpful in experiencing things that I could continue when I got home that would help my recovery. During my stay, I was given a choice, not just promised a choice, of meetings to attend. Unfortunately, AA does not fit me personally. I was able to attend SMART meetings as well as meditation that were helpful. The housing was truly beautiful and it helped me very much to be comfortable and feel secure while in recovery. The medical staff was wonderful, the resident aides were amazing, the food was off the charts. The owners really care and are an active part of AToN. I saw them on an almost daily basis and they were so kind and loving. From the moment I was picked up at the airport until the moment I went back home, and every moment in-between my stay was healing and a success. They did everything they could and more to set me on the best path to recovery. There are not enough gold stars for this amazing facility. I can’t wait to go back as an alumni speaker!