The professional staff of doctors and counselors provide superior therapeutic services. Couple these services with the relaxation techniques taught, the outstanding dining facilities and the excellent housing facilities and you have one of the best recovery programs in the country. I cannot think of one single weakness in the Aton Center program.Aton Center combines relaxation therapies with psychological therapies to create the ultimate in the treatment of addictive behaviors. I had three group sessions and one individual therapy session five days a week. In between sessions I had the option of getting a message, accupuncture, hypnotherapy, one on one yoga or fitness training plus there are swimming pools, jacuzzis and a sauna. The food is first rate and if you have a special diet like me just order what you want and they will make it. Each night there is a relaxing activity and or you can attend a local meeting like Smart, AA or Meditation groups. My 30 days at Aton Center enabled me to get my life in order to enter back into society.