Quality and comprehensiveness of curriculum, skill of the therapeutic staff, wide array of holistic treatments, evening programs, availability of off-campus community meetings, care-taking staff (nurses, RA’s), quality of follow-up and aftercare and FOOD! Delicious, healthy, abundant food. I honestly can’t think of any. Any restriction that I might balk at I can completely see why they would need to be enforced for everyone’s safety. AToN is top-notch in every aspect. The curriculum is very well designed and constantly updated and refreshed. The expertise, efficacy, and compassion of the therapeutic staff is gold standard. The grounds, rooms, and amenities are lovely, serene, comfortable, and comforting. A wide variety of holistic treatments are available to complement the curriculum – massage, acupuncture, yoga, hypnosis, meditation, personal training, and more. Not but certainly not least, the food is amazing. While that might seem like a superficial thing to focus on, for people who have bodies and brains that are healing, the food is a critical component of well-being. My stay at AToN was phenomenal in every respect.