Tracy A

Truly impressive place with the very best clinical staff providing evidence based treatment. Definitely tailored for the adult professional looking for a serious model that provides a healing environment. One of the best professional tours I’ve been on – thank you Keith for everything.


As someone who works with clients struggling with trauma histories, chronic relapse and failed treatments, I look for.treatment programs that excel in clinical approach and who offer much more than the standard rehab.. What I’ve discovered in AToN center is a program that excels in areas that most addiction programs are unable to provide. The […]

Jody H

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to tour AToN Center and speak with the Clinical Director, Outreach Coordinator and Program Manager about their addiction treatment program. The facilities and grounds at AToN are absolutely beautiful! But far more impressive, as a licensed clinical psychologist who has treated addiction and related mental health issues for […]


AToN is unbelievable. This is my second time in Rehab and I’m blown away at how personalized, accommodating, and luxurious this rehab is. There are several therapists, doctors and staff dedicated to each person here. I highly recommend AToN to anyone thinking of sending their loved one or anybody looking for the highest quality of […]


Staff !!! Nowhere on earth will you find such a group of caring individuals. Intellectuals that understand far more than i ever realized about myself. jeepers i cant think of an answer . this facility is where i would recommend anyone and every one in need of help. i have the utmost respect for the […]


Aton is in a resort like setting. All houses are clean, beautiful and include a pool. They offer many holistic options which are top notch. Aton is a top notch. The entire staff (intake, counselors, doctors, RNs and RAs) were all so caring. I received plenty of one on one attention and they were all […]


Clinical staff and amenities The LVN’s that staff the homes could be better. The LVN’s that take the clients out to dinners and other outings are very immature and do not take their job seriously. The clinical staff is second to none. The amenities and residences were beautiful, the food choices could have been better.


Everybody from RAs, to RNs, to the Clinical Staff was tremendously qualified and revere real genuine! Clinical staff was tremendously qualified and everything from the housing to the hollistic treatments was great.


Well rounded daily routine of group sessions, as well as leisure like arts, music, sports. It’s expensive. My insurance covered some but not all of he cost. “I have never felt so well cared for. When I arrived, I was hopeless. My life was a mess. It’s been 1 year and 6 months since I […]


Every aspect of the place and program were very strong. Great food too! I was the weak one. I came out stronger. Not a finished product but a work in progress. For the first time in my 64 years I received high quality effective treatment. AToN provided me with a 24/7 program that helped me […]