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The Finish Line?

Keep going on Recovery

The Finish Line?

The Finish Line?

In working with the residents at the AToN Center I sometimes observe people very invested in their recovery but with a degree of energy that indicates they may be looking for “the finish line.”  This idea indicates a mentality of doing a large amount of recovery work at the start with the goal of the no longer doing recovery work.  The mentality is very understandable as the person new to recovery is excited and motivated to get away from previous behaviors. 

The reconciliation over time though is that addictions can be placed in remission but no one has yet to find a permanent cure.  Looking for the “finish line” eagerly engaging the work with the hopes of finishing the work.  As an alternative I would think of recovery along the lines of learning a new musical instrument.  You can get ahead of the curve by having good dedication and form at the start but the hopes are that with continued practice comes continued and sustainable benefits.  

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