The Healing Powers of Acupuncture

The Healing Powers of Acupuncture

The healing power of acupuncture has been around for centuries in some parts of the world. However, Western medicine is still trying to figure out exactly how and why it works so well here in 2020. They simply know that it does work, as there is plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate that it is very effective in healing. Many people use acupuncture in dealing with a lot of physical issues. Did you know that acupuncture is also helpful with recovery? 

Healing Mind and Body

One of the factors that makes acupuncture so powerful is that it is a holistic healing technique. That is, it focuses on healing our complete selves, mind, body, and spirit. The concept is developed around restoring balance to the energy field or life force in our bodies also called the qi. In restoring this balance, healing can occur. This is not some weird, made-up concept, there are elaborate maps of our bodies that technicians study to help diagnose and treat problem areas. This is also something that has been developed and practiced for centuries, with great success now in many parts of the world.

In balancing this energy or life force, the healing comes not only to our minds but also to our bodies, which is essential with substance use. Not only does acupuncture help heal both, but it also helps align our minds and our bodies, and many have said that acupuncture has also been very healing for them spiritually. Acupuncture is just one method of treatment of many different types of treatments that are available for substance use. However, when it is combined with other therapies and treatments, it can be very powerful and effective at connecting all of the treatments. Increasing the power and healing of treatment altogether.

Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the ways acupuncture is often used in treatment is to help lessen withdrawal symptoms. Nothing can ever take all of the symptoms away, but the healing powers of acupuncture can help ease some of the symptoms. The less intense our withdrawal symptoms are, the easier it is for our bodies to heal, and the easier it is for us to do the work to heal our minds, too.

One of the other reported effects of acupuncture is that it helps to physically and mentally calm us. People are more easily able to relax mentally and physically, which also helps increase the healing process. There are also reports of improved sleep, which can also help us navigate withdrawal symptoms more peacefully.

Physical Effects

Acupuncture, particularly when used for a period of time, has been shown to reduce the cravings that come with substance use. Again, there is nothing at this time that is known to remove them altogether, but each craving that we don’t have is one less opportunity for relapse. Not a lot of treatment methods are able to alleviate cravings, they teach us how to deal with them. However, acupuncture has the power to actually help reduce the number and intensity of cravings.

Speaking of relapse, acupuncture has been shown to decrease our chances of using substances again. One study found that in a group that had repeatedly relapsed previously, more than half were able to stay sober after six months of acupuncture treatment. Again, there is no guarantee that we will not relapse, but isn’t it ideal to fortify ourselves as much as possible against it?

Healing Our Minds

There are so many ways in which substance use impacts our minds. Many substances actually alter our brain’s function, and it can take time to heal. Yet acupuncture can help with so many of the problems that come along with substance use. For example, acupuncture has been shown to decrease instances of depression and anxiety related to substance use. Using acupuncture can also lower the number of headaches and body aches that we have. 

Acupuncture is also effective at improving concentration, especially when substances have interfered with our concentration levels. Again, not a lot of other methods are able to help in this area. If we have experienced decreased energy as a result of our substance use, acupuncture can also help boost our energy levels to normal.

One of the more powerful ways that acupuncture can help heal our brains is by helping with stress reduction and dealing with trauma. To have something that can physically impact how our mind processes and heals from trauma is such a blessing, it is like a bonus in our mental and emotional healing process. Studies show that acupuncture also helps our ability to cope, increases our ability to both achieve calmness and remain calm and it can help us to cope better, too. The possibilities of healing are seemingly endless.

While acupuncture is never touted as a stand-alone method of treating substance use, because it addresses our mind, body, and soul, it is a powerful holistic tool that can improve the outcome of other treatment methods when used together. Even if acupuncture is new to you, it is worth giving yourself this gift. You can find holistic healing that physically, mentally, and spiritually helps your healing in recovery. Discover the benefits of an ancient treatment that can bring new healing into your life today. Make the call to begin your recovery, and make sure that acupuncture is part of your journey. 

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