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The SMART Recovery Family and Friends HandbookFor family and friends of a substance using individual it is easy to act out in response to the addiction by developing unhelpful habits. SMART Recovery has a program, as well as a Handbook, for loved ones that can be a huge help and can bring a lot of hope to the support system when one is either in active addiction or on the recovery journey. Attending meetings online and face to face can be helpful for support and learning to practice the tools taught in SMART Recovery.

The SMART Recovery Family and Friends Handbook is filled with helpful information as well as worksheets to practice the tools that are taught. The subjects covered in this Handbook are Change and Motivation, Self-Care and Self Rewards, Inner Dialogue, The ABCs of REBT, Beliefs & Disputes, Positive Communication, Healthy Boundaries, Safety and Support, Coping with Lapses, Disabling the Enabling, Trust and Forgiveness, Setting SMART Goals, and Discover the Power of Choice.

I recommend the SMART Recovery Family and Friends Handbook not only to family members but also to our residents. That way, they can get more of an understanding of the support they need as well as help them with relationship coping skills.

Kristin Colton
CD Counselor
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