Our thoughts are powerful, Addiction Recovery Our thoughts are powerful.  So powerful, that an entire style of therapy has been centered around how we identify and manage our thoughts.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based treatment for substance dependence, and AToN’s curriculum is centered on this treatment.  Our residents learn how to identify their “automatic thoughts” which in turn influence their emotions.

Our private rehab residents not only learn how to identify these thoughts, but they also learn how to modify them into rational thoughts, which in turn can stabilize emotional distress.  These techniques, once learned, must be continually utilized for maximum effect.

If you are interested in learning how to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you with relapse prevention and mood stabilization, AToN’s private rehab in San diego may be a good fit for you.  Don’t hesitate to call AToN when you are ready to make the next step.

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