Trauma Treatment

At AToN Center, ninety-eight percent of our residents are diagnosed with both a substance use diagnosis and some form of mental health diagnosis. The most common diagnoses comorbid with substance use at AToN are depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. As traumatic experiences are often related to these diagnoses, AToN has a vigorous trauma treatment program.

AToN Center has four full time psychologists who are at least EMDRIA Level 2 trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Residents who are clinically appropriate and who desire to participate in EMDR will typically begin this therapy around the 10-14 day mark of their treatment. Depending on each case, a resident may participate in up to three ninety – minute EMDR sessions per week at AToN Center – however some residents may prefer less intensive treatment, and requests are certainly honored!

While some residents may not be clinically appropriate for EMDR, but desire this treatment, our clinicians will assist our residents in developing the coping strategies necessary to prepare for this intense therapy and refer our residents to continue this process on an outpatient basis. These coping strategies include biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy skills.

If you think that EMDR may be beneficial to you, our licensed clinical psychologists will certainly discuss your specific needs and create a treatment plan designed only for you!