Trusting Our Story
Trusting Our Story in Recovery

Trusting Our Story

new-life-drug-recovery The only truth we will ever find is in our stories. We are our stories. Recovery demands we pay attention to what our stories have to tell us.

You might find a host of memories, some may be painful. Realizing the function substances have had in assisting you to avoid painful feelings can be a starting point. If we are to be free from addictions, we must go as deep as the hurt.


To honor your story, no matter how many bad times there have been. Your story is the raw material you are given to make your existence a thing of beauty. Even the mistakes you might have made along the way can be thought-provoking lessons about what steps you need to take in order to be successful in recovery and experience the joy which your life has to offer.


Utilizing the information from your own personal and unique life story, you can gradually begin to develop a road map for your recovery. By following this path and adjusting when necessary, you can continue to develop a recovery-based lifestyle which is satisfying and contributes to your own sense of purpose and self-worth.


At AToN Center we encourage residents to seek guidance and perspective from personal experience that can help aid in recovery to get to a place of acceptance and embracing the life we have been given.


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