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In working with residents at the AToN center I am often struck by how easy it is for a person to underestimate the strength of their addiction.  Many people can spend years in a cycle of dependence on their substances and still the story they can tell themselves is that “I’ve got it, its under control and I can quit whenever I want.”

Underestimating the role of the drugs/alcohol in your life is a sneaky tactic the drugs use to sustain their supremacy.  It can be a humbling experience to take stock of the ways that the one has lost control over their lives.  There can also be a strong desire to attempt to find some way of moderating use and not having negative consequences.

But for some, once the line has been crossed into addition they will need to take stock and acknowledge the corrupting nature of the substances.  Knowing the power of the drugs will help you go gather strength and support from others to fight back.  Dedicating energy and effort to emotional healing and lifestyle changes takes work but making these efforts will pay off in the long run.

Chad K. Cox PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
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