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Using Smartphones to Dampen Cravings

Using Smartphones to Dampen Cravings

Using Smartphones to Dampen Cravings

iphone ultra pure water 3A recent study (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28703611) from the American Psychological Association reports there are several highly effective benefits to using recovery designed Smartphone Apps to help dampen cravings for alcohol. Researchers are just beginning to understand to the power of using Location Based Monitoring and Intervention for Alcohol Disorders (LBMI-A) to help sober individuals choose not to relapse.

LBMI-A Apps on Smartphones offer effective strategies like urge surfing audio files, reminders to distract oneself, to view photos taken of supportive friends and family members, to contact a recovery support person, to escape the triggering situation, and viewing reasons for not drinking in that triggering moment.

This study also identifies the top three triggering situations to be mindfully aware of: Time of day or week, proximity to alcohol and being with those who are drinking alcohol.

Those with co-occurring disorders and in early recovery will find this study very useful.

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