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Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin is used for treatment of pain.

This is the reason that individuals who can afford to seek medical treatment are more likely to develop prescription addiction. The most common source of pain reported includes the head and neck. On average narcotic medications are used for thirty seven months. Though the medical issue with which patients present is often addressed, the potential for drug addiction is often not given importance. Utilizing Vicodin with claims of chronic pain, real or imaginary, can and has led to drug dependence and the need for prescription pain addiction treatment.

In addition to the generalized risk of becoming addicted to Vicodin, these individuals are at risk for withdrawal from pain pills, which in many cases can be deadly. It is for this reason that many patients who experience chronic illness do not want to use prescription medication. There is the fear of dependence, as well as suffering the many different side effects that accompany the use of and withdrawal from Vicodin.

If you or a loved one suffers from vicodin addiction, AToN Center’s San Diego drug rehab and prescription addiction treatment programs can facilitate your journey to recovery.

Contact us today about any questions related to treatment for yourself or a loved one at our San Diego drug detox and rehab center.

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