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Vivitrol is an Anti-craving Medication

AToN provides an integrated and multifaceted treatment approach to support our resident’s recovery. A key aspect of AToN Center’s integrated approach is for residents struggling with alcohol and opiate substance abuse and dependence to be evaluated for anti-craving medications. The anti-craving medications of Naltrexone and extended release Vivitrol can be powerful tools in managing and eliminating cravings to alcohol and opiates.

Studies conducted by NIDA (National Institute for Drug Abuse) have shown that the use of the anti-craving medication Vivitrol significantly decreased the likelihood of relapse in opioid and alcohol abusers (Garbutt, James 2010) (Comer, et. al, 2006). Studies have shown that Vivitrol is as effective or in some cases more effective than buprenorphine (opiate maintenance) in relapse prevention. The combination of clinical treatment with Vivitrol was shown to reduce the likelihood of relapse exponentially more than those who did not use Vivitrol (Lancet, 2011).

The clinical implications of anti-craving medications are significant. Medically assisted craving control provides the opportunity for an individual to be more mindful of emotional and interpersonal goals. Long term goals and priorities for those we treat involve finding purpose, achieving emotional balance, and achieving successes in meaningful relationships. Utilization of a medication such as Vivitrol contributes to the freedom of focusing on what really matters in the lives of who we treat.

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