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Drug Rehab, Alcohol Treatment Center Washington Residents

Washington State Alcohol RecoveryWhile AToN Center’s private rehab treats clients from all over the United States and abroad, many travel to us from Washington State. Quite often, residents express that the healing process is more meaningful when they are away from many of the previous addiction triggers and distractions. The privacy and serenity of AToN Center provides the right setting where they can focus entirely on their recovery. Successful drug and alcohol rehab involves removing an individual from the environment and routines that led to the addiction, and placing him /her in a safe and peaceful environment that promotes recovery.

AToN’s drug and alcohol treatment center equips individuals with the tools they need to live a sober life through our integrated approach to drug and alcohol rehab. Alcohol and drug addiction are complex diseases, thus the “one size fits all” approach to drug or alcohol treatment is ineffective, especially since individuals have unique needs and situations. AToN Center’s luxury and executive rehab integrates various established alcohol and drug rehab treatments, including the 12-Step and SMART Recovery® methods, as well as medical intervention, alternative treatment, holistic approaches, and individual and group therapy, to provide individualized alcohol or drug treatment for each patient from Washington state and other locations throughout the country.

Rehab and alcohol treatment center specifically caters to out of state, Washington residents because most Washington PPO insurance plans provide comprehensice covergae for our detox and drug and alcohol treatment services. Click here to verfiy your insurance.

In addition, our out of state clients find that getting away from their toxic environment expedites their addiction recovery process. Getting away from the people, places and things associated with active addiction is often the key to early recovery success.

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