What Does Holistic Healing Mean?

What Does Holistic Healing Mean?

We hear a lot about holistic healing. Usually, it is associated with non-traditional and non-Western practices such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathic remedies, massage, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and more. While these various treatments may also take a holistic approach to healing, we can all have holistic healing that is not necessarily tied to any of those treatments. What does holistic healing mean?

Holistic healing refers to the healing of the mind, body, and soul. Not just focusing on the physical or the mental, or even the spiritual aspect of our healing, but rather all three, ideally simultaneously. This idea is based on the idea that if mentally or spiritually we still have pain or unresolved issues, they will impact our physical health in the same way that our physical health often impacts our mental and spiritual health. The concept is a whole or complete healing, hence, holistic.

Why Holistic Healing?

If we had a plant that was wilting and turning brown at the edges, we might think that all it needed was a little more sun and water. In offering those things, they would be helpful on some level. But what if the real problem was based at the roots? What if the plant was simply root-bound and needed more space to expand? By treating the obvious, offering the plant more sunlight and water, there might be some improvement. However, by failing to note the problem was at the roots, eventually, the plant would still die.

We, like the plant, can seek healing for our bodies, or even for our minds, too. But if spiritually, we are bound with pain and old issues, we cannot fully heal. We are whole beings, and as such, need to be treated holistically. This is never truer than treating addiction. Substance use impacts every aspect of our beings, mind, body, and soul. So just becoming physically sober is simply not enough. To truly heal, we must also address the mental and spiritual aspects.

How Do I Heal My Body?

After using substances for any length of time, obviously we will need to detoxify our body and cleanse it from everything. Even after we have completed the initial detoxification process, though, there is plenty more healing needed. Substances can prevent our bodies from accessing or using the nutrients we need, so we will need to take extra care to be sure we are eating a very nutritious diet to replenish those missing nutrients.

Even if we were active during substance use, we need to get our bodies moving. This will improve our cardiovascular function, which can be damaged during substance use. Additionally, the movement literally helps things move through our body and we can sweat out residual toxins as we improve our physical health through exercise. Exercise can also help to heal our minds.

How Do I Heal My Mind?

The primary tool used in treatment to heal our minds is therapy. Within therapy, we can address the pain and memories that have impacted our minds and our spirits for too long. We can learn to acknowledge them and heal from them. Often, our substance use began due to the pain of these kinds of past events and memories, so when we heal from the pain, we also heal that driving need for substances.

Our minds need more than just healing old wounds, though. We need an overhaul of how we think and react, how we communicate, and how we view the world. We can learn new ways of thinking and new techniques to take with us which will empower us to not only make better decisions for our future, help us to avoid relapse, but also to be able to make and achieve goals throughout our lives.

How Do I Heal My Soul?

We often overlook our soul, taking for granted the emotional and spiritual aspect of our beings, and not checking in or assessing the damage our life experiences can cause. Typically, in substance use, we are completely detached from our spiritual selves. Healing begins by reconnecting, listening to our spiritual and emotional needs, and then addressing and healing from there.

There are many tools we can use for healing our souls. Simple things like hiking offer physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Connecting to nature is a great way for us to also re-connect with our spiritual side. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massage, and others also help us to reconnect our minds, bodies, and souls and create a holistic healing.

Benefits of Holistic Healing

Like the poor plant with a major portion of its life system ignored, we may be suffering from neglecting one or more aspects of ourselves. However, when we seek holistic healing, each area of our mind, body, and soul can access healing both individually and together, creating a complete and total healing.

When we heal holistically, we heal more thoroughly and we increase our chances of remaining healthy in all aspects of our lives. Like a transplanted plant that is no longer root-bound, we are given the best chances of success, with room to grow.

What does holistic healing mean? Holistic healing is a total and complete healing, mind, body, and soul. At AToN Center, we are your partners for holistic healing. We offer many tools to treat not just your body, but also your mind and soul. Call us today at (888) 535-1516 to let us help you step into your own personal holistic healing.

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