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Who can you tell?

Who can you tell?

When getting into recovery it can be a difficult choice as to who you are going to include in your sobriety. There may also be decisions to be made about what degrees of information you want to provide to different people. This is a very personal question and an individual may need to make experiments or take appropriate healthy risks in sharing with others.

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The good news is that disclosure can be practiced and incrementally improved. You can start by writing down what you might consider disclosing and reading it aloud to a mirror. At meetings and with counselors there is often assurance that you can speak to any issue without fear of repercussion. Eventually you may get to a place where you are able to look loved ones or friends in the face and be confident in your honesty.  

In recovery though, many people find relief in being able to talk about problematic issues that were kept secret for often many years and realize that others have also been through these issues. Relief can come from unburdening yourself of having to carry that burden alone.  

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