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Why do we Need Inpatient Treatment for Detox?

Why do we Need Inpatient Treatment for Detox?

Why do we Need Inpatient Treatment for Detox?To detox from a substance means to cleanse your body of the toxins that have affected your organs, your emotions and your personality. The body is finding its equilibrium, and that takes time. Detox symptoms are different for every substance but can include nausea, body aches, sleep disturbance, or mood problems like anxiety, depression, and irritability. So isn’t this something that you can tough out on your own?

For the best outcome, no. Because detox also involves very intense cravings, it is a big relapse trigger. Inpatient treatment at AToN Center provides people with a supportive, comfortable environment to safely detox from substances. In most cases, this is done by first offering sub-acute detox, which allows residents here to taper off of substances in a way that reduces the suffering involved with going “cold turkey.” In some cases, detox medications are a medical necessity.

What is unique about AToN Center is that we also offer daily individual and group therapy to support our residents in the best way we can. A lot of people believe in the beginning of detox that they can’t handle it, and that it will never end. But they can handle it, and it does end, and having daily therapeutic support can help to keep this perspective.

Residents also find they can get tools and skills to help them through this difficult time, which they can then build on as they continue their residential treatment at AToN Center.

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