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Willingness and Holistic Recovery



“Willingness” is an integral part of recovery. “Willingness” means that you are willing to open up, let go and try something you’ve never tried before. “Willingness” means going to meetings when you don’t feel like it. It means putting yourself to the side and trusting those who have your best interests at heart!

At AToN, we often ask our residents to try things they’ve never considered. This could be a support session with a loved one, trying an anti-craving medication, or even moving into a Sober Living Facility as the next step after discharge from AToN! We have found that residents who develop the characteristic of “willingness” become amazed by how things quickly change in their lives. Their outlook brightens and they become excited about recovery!

In your path on recovery, think about the ways you have been “willing”, and how did it serve you? In what ways have you been “unwilling?” How has that hindered you? I invite us all to examine ourselves in an effort to become more “willing” in or own lives.

Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
AToN Center 888-535-1516

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