Work Towards Balance in your Life

Work Towards Balance in your Life

Work Towards Balance in your Life

So often we tend to go either all in, or all out. All work, no play. All fun, and avoidance of responsibility. Selfishness or selflessness. Moderation is the ability to avoid excess or extremes, either in views or behaviors. Some people might feel like they can’t moderate, it’s just not in their blood.

But what would life be like with complete balance? How would that feel different emotionally, physically, or even spiritually?

Sometimes it can be helpful just to practice!

What makes your life out of balance? What is being neglected? Is it family, your exercise time, a sense of productivity, or alone time? Choose one area you would like to work on, and then ask yourself: what is one thing that you can do to attend more greatly to that area?

Is there something that you need to cut back on in order to free up that time to spend on something more meaningful? Then, try it out! Take that step and just see what happens.

Dr. Kirsten Helgager
AToN Center Psychologist