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Joey Kammer

An incredibly gifted staff of compassionate professionals in a beautiful setting. The program at AtON is second to none…David Malow & I own operate Recovery GPS, coaching, mentoring/monitoring & Intervention services..We refer our clients to AtON with complete confidence. We are grateful to have a safe, structured & caring environment to take them to.

Tania Bhattacharyya

I have visited treatment centers all over the country and AToN center is one of the most beautiful centers I have seen. It’s truly healing space. Their staff is also incredibly caring, responsive and responsible, and completely committed to the recovery of men and women from addiction. I’ve known Keith Fosgett for several years and he is a pleasure to work with.


After years of putting off rehab, and making excuses for why I couldn’t go, I finally decided to invest the time in making my life better.Selecting Aton was the best decision I made. The facilities are world class, as is the staff. This was the first time in my 25 year career that I took more than 5 days off of work, and it gave me a brand new perspective. I took 30 days to focus on myself, my struggles, and my wellbeing – I would have stayed longer if I could have. The curriculum is straight forward but powerful, and applicable to all life events, even the mundane. The schedule is flexible enough that I was able to stay current on business matters, and the holistic program offered me the opportunity to try things I’d never done before (eg acupuncture, yoga, painting) and those that I wish I did more often (eg massage, physical therapy). And the food… it’s like dining at nice restaurant three times a day.I recommend Aaron for anyone struggling with substance issues who is willing to fully immerse themselves and who appreciates the value of a top-notch facility rooted compassion and self-betterment.

S Harlow

As someone who works with clients struggling with trauma histories, chronic relapse and failed treatments, I look for.treatment programs that excel in clinical approach and who offer much more than the standard rehab.. What I’ve discovered in AToN center is a program that excels in areas that most addiction programs are unable to provide. The phrase ‘trauma-informed” is being tossed around frequently these days, with little comprehension of the impact all levels of traumatic experiences have on us. Without the clinical and intuitive understanding of this there can’t be true recovery for those who also struggle with addiction. AToN has a premier clinical staff, who possess the vital additional ingredient of genuineness, and a true commitment to their client’s recovery. The facilities and grounds are beyond peaceful and offer the perfect setting to heal. I highly recommend this program.

Jody Helmus

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to tour AToN Center and speak with the Clinical Director, Outreach Coordinator and Program Manager about their addiction treatment program. The facilities and grounds at AToN are absolutely beautiful! But far more impressive, as a licensed clinical psychologist who has treated addiction and related mental health issues for over 25 years, is AToN’s personalized and comprehensive treatment approach. The staff at AToN are highly-skilled, dedicated and compassionate. Best practices are utilized to integrate traditional and holistic therapeutic modalities to meet each resident’s individual needs. I recommend AToN Center for those seeking state of the art addiction recovery treatment in an exquisite setting.

Dia Parsons

I have known Aton Center for a few years now. I was truly impressed with the quality of work they do and the services they provide from the gate. I would trust Aton with a family member. The entire team is incredible, but Lauren and Keith are two of my favorite people hands down….the passion and dedication they have for helping people is part of what makes Aton so special 🙂

Ann P

I have had the opportunity to tour many treatment programs over the years and this is by far one of Southern California’s most spectacular! Many people think Malibu when they want a high end facility, well I want to tell you this program is nestled in the country out side of San Diego and is top notch. It is beautiful, but what is most impressive is the staff. They have more doctorate level clinicians than any program I have seen. Very committed to helping executives, CEO’s, business owners, and wealthy individuals find help in an atmosphere they are accustomed to living in. This program is not for individuals that cannot afford this luxury. I was impressed that they offer a range of treatment, truly designed to meet each person where they are at. With a strong non-twelve step component – it was interesting that they do not guide a person to SMART Recovery or AA, rather they teach the principals of each and help each individual find what works for them. They have a private chef, maid service, and allow executives to use their lap tops and phones. Most treatment environments restrict these as a distraction to recovery, AToN has found a balance that seems to work. I enjoyed my time on campus. There are 5 homes in an exclusive neighborhood. You can walk to each house easily. Their approach is unique and I think for the right man or woman, that suffers from alcoholism or addiction, being allowed to access what they are used to while they do their work would be very beneficial. I know if I had a loved that could afford this facility – I would not hesitate to refer them. I would like to close with the inclusive nature of services – from individual, group therapy, trauma, marriage counseling, yoga, and various fellowships – this clinical team is a well oiled machine.


I’m still a client at AToN, and I’ve been to a number of treatment centers. I can tell you that this is an excellent program and the most beautiful grounds and houses I’ve seen at any facility. The clinical staff, without exception, have been knowledgeable, and top notch. The RAs and RNs are all professional, and kind. You’re treated with respect here by everyone. The food is delicious and the cooks go out of their way to cater to your requests. The owners spare no expense here. Each of the five houses has its own swimming pool and Jacuzzi. They are regularly here to make sure things are going well. Additionally, there are tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, a couple of gyms, a sauna, a game room, and a massage room. The owners really invest in making the homes beautiful and taking care of the clients. Note that here you have FOUR INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS each week, which is far greater than the one session most treatment centers offer. The groups (described below) are small and comprised of the people in your house (so usually between 3-6 people). In addition to the two morning educational groups, afternoon process group, and individual sessions each day, clients can choose four holistic activities per week, which are included. These include massage, personal training, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, individual yoga sessions, and physical therapy. Additionally, almost every night there is an optional meeting and the center exposes us to all different sorts of meetings (Refuge, SMART, AA, etc.) – there is usually a different type of meeting offered each night. This is not a 12 step based program, and you are free to choose whichever types of meetings you’d like to attend. The center takes you out on an outing every Saturday, and out to a NICE dinner every Sunday evening. Clients are free to order anything they’d like at dinners out (except alcohol haha). This really shows me just how much the owners go out of their way and spare no expense in helping the clients here. We are transported in Mercedes buses, a jaguar, or a brand new SUV. Again, showing how out of the way the owners go to make this place absolutely top of the line. I’m not sure what the person complaining about Naltrexone is talking about. Naltrexone was brought up to me immediately, and I’ve been asked about it repeatedly. So far I’m extremely pleased with AToN and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality treatment center, with top notch clinical staff in beautiful surroundings. I’ll update this review once I’ve completed treatment.
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