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San Diego, CA Drug Rehab Residential Treatment Detox

AToN Center’s San Diego rehab is unique in a multitude of ways.

Listed below are a number of ways that we set ourselves apart from other drug and alcohol treatment centers:

  • We provide cognitive behavioral therapy orientation in all clinical therapies and groups
  • We believe both daily group and daily individual therapies are essential components of recovery, and that there needs to be clear structure to a program
  • Recovery study groups topics are presented and connected to SMART Recovery® , Non-12 Step rehab (Non AA treatment) programs, 12 Step, and AToN Center philosophies of recovery, giving individuals knowledge and understanding of theory which is important to consolidation and integration of concepts
  • Our addiction rehab therapists are doctoral level AND licensed, or advanced certified CD counselors. We do not use interns, psychological assistants, or unlicensed “professionals”
  • A variety of holistic treatment services included in program cost and are offered four times weekly and delivered onsite at our San Diego rehab center.
  • We are able to provide on-site detoxification services
  • We use the correct professional addiction specialists for corresponding tasks, a family psychologist for family work, a health psychologist for biofeedback, a trauma psychologist for EMDR, and chemical dependency counselors for relapse prevention
  • We attend offsite exposure sessions and meetings in order to allow clients the opportunity to work through issues including motivation, how to cope with triggers, cravings, social anxiety, and discomfort in a naturalistic setting. It is also important that our clients have experiences that introduce “fun” and safe connection with the outside world while in recovery.
  • We are not invested in getting people to use certain terminology and believe that how one understands and labels themselves or their problem is their choice, be it an “alcoholic” or someone with an “unwanted behavior.” This is evident through our SMART Recovery® rehab programs and Non-12 Step rehab programs among others.
  • We actually provide private family therapy in 90 minute sessions, and do not just put our families through Al-Anon or a “family program” that is solely educational or community support intended for a mass audience.

Examples of Daily CBT / Psychology Groups led by our licensed psychologist(s):

  • Untwisting thoughts, using thought records
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Managing emotions
  • Building motivation
  • Delay of gratification
  • Core beliefs
  • Assertive communication
  • Health in recovery
  • Grief and loss
  • Resolving trauma

Examples of Daily Recovery Study Groups led by our certified advanced chemical dependency counselors:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Cross addictions
  • Cycles of addiction and stages of recovery
  • Spirituality in recovery
  • Managing cravings and triggers
  • Relationships in early recovery
  • Healing toxic shame
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Goal Setting

Questions to ask when selecting a treatment center for you or your loved one:

  1. What are your staff’s qualifications? Are they licensed clinicians?
  2. How many times per week will I/my loved one receive an individual session?
  3. Do you offer holistic treatment? How often? Are they included in your cost? Are these services offered onsite or offsite?
  4. Do you offer a variety of treatment philosophies including 12 step, Non-12 step rehab and SMART Recovery® rehab programs?
  5. How many clients are in your group sessions?
  6. Do you offer onsite detox?
  7. What type of family supportis included?
  8. What do you do in order to support your clients after they discharge?

If you are interested in learning more about how AToN Center’s San Diego rehab center (holistic treatment, Non-12 step rehab, SMART Recovery ) can facilitate your recovery from addiction, please contact us today.

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