Our Admissions Process

Luxury Addiction Treatment

Getting Started

Start Intake Process

Your first point of contact with AToN Center will be with a member of our intake staff, whose main responsibility is to facilitate a smooth admissions process while answering all your questions regarding our private addiction treatment in California.

Develop Treatment Plan

To begin, our intake staff will ask you a series of questions relating to your demographic information, details of substance use, history of any withdrawal symptoms, and mental health conditions. This initial information is very important as our clinical team will use it to help develop your treatment plan and further assist our staff in preparing for your arrival at our San Diego rehab center.

We do recognize that topics discussed during intake are not always easy to talk about, but we encourage all potential admissions to be as forthcoming as possible so that we can care for you appropriately.

Insurance Benefits

If you are using your insurance benefits for your treatment at AToN Center, you will be asked for the policy information listed on your insurance card so that we can check your plan benefits and give you a cost estimate for our services.

Schedule Admissions Date

Once the intake and clinical staff have determined you fit all admission criteria and all financial arrangements have been confirmed, i.e. insurance billing and/or self-pay, we will schedule your admission date.

Pre-admission Paperwork

Once the admission date has been confirmed, you will be sent “pre-admission” paperwork that should be completed and returned to AToN Center prior to the admission date. This paperwork includes a medical history questionnaire, nutritional questionnaire, and deposit agreement.

Resident Handbook

You will also receive a copy of our Resident Handbook to familiarize yourself with AToN Center’s program schedule and policies as they relate to our residents in our private addiction treatment in California.

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Get in Touch

Don’t feel like chatting on the phone? Text this number: 888-535-1516

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Please Note

We request that you destroy and dispose of all controlled substances, medications of abuse, and alcohol in your home before you come to treatment. Please bring any and all medications that are non-addictive which are current prescriptions with you to our San Diego rehab. Weapons and firearms are not permitted at AToN Center, and you are reminded that we are an alcohol and illegal drug free environment.

What to Bring

Please bring alcohol-free personal hygiene products for use during your stay whenever possible. Casual/athletic clothing, warm layers, upscale casual outfits, sunglasses, swimsuits, and shoes that are comfortable (that you don’t mind getting dirty) are recommended. You will be taken to a horse ranch during your stay and you may find a sunhat useful. You will also be taken on recreational outings that may involve beginner level hiking and exercise. Click here for a helpful list of what to bring and what not to bring to AToN.

Coming to Aton Center


Pick-up from San Diego Airport or Carlsbad Airport is provided by AToN Center.


At the time of arrival you will be greeted by our Resident Assistants who will begin your initial intake process and orient you to AToN Center.


The Admission process will include getting vital signs, a Breathalyzer analysis, your weight upon admission, and a urine sample.


Your belongings will be inventoried and searched for contraband. Residents who enter AToN Center are evaluated closely for signs of withdrawal and any discomfort. After the initial arrival process is complete, our intake staff will perform the required paperwork for admission.

Psychological Assessment

Once all the required paperwork is signed and you have had a chance to ask questions, a licensed psychologist will perform a psychological assessment to gather detailed clinical information to further develop your treatment plan. This can be a long process but it’s very necessary to get as much information about an incoming resident as possible.

Physical Evaluation

After the psychological assessment is complete, our consulting physician will evaluate the new resident for health status, detoxification needs, and medication needs. Staff will assist with prescription pick-up if needed. Residents are encouraged to answer all assessment questions as truthfully and completely as possible. The main priority of our San Diego rehab is to meet and exceed all your goals for recovery.


Once your admission assessments are complete, you will be oriented to AToN Center, our private rehab campus, and introduced to staff and your peers. You will be given some workbooks and books upon arrival along with a Resident Handbook that covers everything you need to know about the program and our house rules.

All mail intended for residents should be sent to:

AToN Center
3250 Country Rose Circle
Encinitas, CA 92024

AToN Center is also pleased to provide you with a luxurious terrycloth bathrobe for your comfort. Therapy begins as soon as your schedule permits, and will initially consist of Master Treatment Planning and a Biopsychosocial Assessment with your therapist at our San Diego rehab.

You will attend group and individual therapy as soon as you are able.

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Length of Stay

AToN’s California drug and alcohol treatment center programs are designed to fit the needs of individuals beginning with a minimum length of stay of 30 days prior to a 10-day detox. During a client’s stay at AToN, they will be working with their treatment team on individualized objectives aimed at teaching the skills needed to be successful in recovery. Late stage treatment involves discharge planning and aftercare options.

It is AToN Center’s belief that a client’s chances for long-term success in recovery are significantly increased when a client chooses to seamlessly continue their care following their treatment at AToN Center which may include an extended care program, PHP, outpatient treatment, and/or sober living. In fact, research performed by the National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIDA) found that clients with serious problems including complicated addiction are more likely to have better outcomes with a 90 day continuum of care at a drug and alcohol treatment center.

If you would like more information about our private alcohol rehab and drug treatment center in California, please contact us today.