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Are You Speaking Lovingly?

Are You Speaking Lovingly? Addiction Recovery

Are You Speaking Lovingly?

Are You Speaking Lovingly?

Buddhism offers very sound advice on how best to unite with others. Metta, the Pali word for loving-kindness, is a cornerstone of Buddhist spirituality. In Latin, Spiritus means “Breath”.  How we choose to communicate with others may or may not “breathe” life into our relationship.

At AToN Center, we offer evidenced based research in all of our holistic approaches, educational classes, and therapy sessions.  One of AToN Center’s guiding principles is, Maintaining Healthy Relationships.  To support this goal, residents learn about healthy communication and the value of treating one’s self and others with respect, and kindness.

The following article (https://www.thoughtco.com/right-speech-450072) will help you learn more about the importance of choosing actions that breathe life into your personal – and intrapersonal—relationships.

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