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Living a Balanced Life

An addictive personality refers to a particular set of personality traits that make an individual predisposed to addictions. People who are substance dependent are characterized by: A physical or psychological dependency that negatively affects their quality of life. They are frequently …

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Cravings Represent a Core Symptom of Addiction

Cravings Represent a Core Symptom of Addiction

Cravings represent a core symptom of addiction. While long-term recovery from addictive disorders commonly demands reconciliation with love ones and/or an introspective process to resolve a pain from long ago, the beginning steps in the recovery process must focus on cravings. …

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Cross Addiction Treatment

Cross Addictions

Cross addiction means exchanging, substituting, or transferring one harmful dependency for another. Addiction is a learned behavior. Individuals learn that they can avoid negative states or achieve positive states by taking a substance or engaging in a certain behavior. Once …

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Theories Attempt to Explain Addiction

Many Theories Attempt to Explain Addiction

Many theories attempt to explain addiction. From a neurobiological perspective, addictive behaviors reflect a type of hyper-learning. Substances of abuse trigger mammoth spikes in the biochemicals linked to learning, with researchers particularly focused on dopamine and glutamate. We learn by …

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