alcohol abuse treatment

Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

[caption id="attachment_4183" align="alignleft" width="258"] Nelsan Ellis, acclaimed actor on the HBO series “True Blood”, died of heart failure stemming from symptoms of alcohol withdrawal[/caption] Alcohol withdrawal is a dangerous condition that can occur in chronic drinkers who abruptly stop or even significantly reduce their alcohol consumption....

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Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol is a depressant, it slows down the function of the Central Nervous System (CNS). When abused, alcohol can: Cause short-term memory loss Cause confusion Effect coordination Effect vision Cause slurred speech Cause a lack of sleep Slow or stop the heart Slow or stop breathing Cause unconsciousness Cause seizures Result in coma or death To function...

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Executive Burnout & Addiction Recovery

Executive burnout, also known as “job fatigue,” is the term used when busy executives become overwhelmed to the point where performance and focus begins to suffer. Unfortunately, these feelings of strain and exhaustion can lead down the dangerous path to substance addiction. Senior managers and successful executives...

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