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Addiction is not a moral failing - Enjoy Life

Addiction is Not a Moral Failing

February, 2016.  I’m in a bus in the jungles of Mexico on my way to Mayan ruins in Bonampak.  I’m sitting next to a delightful woman who has lived an adventurous exciting life.  She has been scuba diving in the …

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Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is a dangerous condition that can occur in chronic drinkers who abruptly stop or even significantly reduce their alcohol consumption. In general, how severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms become depends on how much and for how long a person …

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Alcohol and Health

Alcohol is a major depressant and its biggest effect is on the central nervous system.  Alcohol interacts with the receptors, neurotransmitters, cell membranes, enzymes and even the genes.  The breakdown of alcohol is a multi-step process, and the first step …

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Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol is a depressant, it slows down the function of the Central Nervous System (CNS). When abused, alcohol can: Cause short-term memory loss Cause confusion Effect coordination Effect vision Cause slurred speech Cause a lack of sleep Slow or stop …

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April Is Alcohol Awareness Month

Learn some facts here about alcohol abuse disorder and the facts about the age groups that are affected by alcohol use disorder. Click here to see the beautiful Facilities at AToN Center and call for more information about the Inpatient treatment …

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Experience Addiction & Mental Health Treatment in Privacy

The best luxury rehabs are recognized for the unique ways they cater to overtaxed executives, high-profile CEOs, celebrities, and individuals desiring privacy, amenities, holistic services, and truly customized treatment. Some luxury facilities, however, are more of a glorified spa with …

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