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Why Are Pain Meds So Addictive

Why Are Pain Meds So Addictive?

Taking medication for pain is sometimes necessary. We may have been injured in an accident, needed major surgery, or have a serious medical condition. That level of pain can make it difficult to function, or perhaps even difficult to breathe …

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Balance in Life and Recovery

Allowing the Loss

When one transitions from active addiction into recovery there is an amount of loss and gain that is happening. As we allow the loss to take place, we honor all that is lost, make meaning out of the situation, and try …

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When one enters into recovery we go through a process of grief, not much different than grieving the loss of a loved one. Losing our best friend,  the only coping skill we know, our way of escaping or handling stress, …

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Living In Denial

There is a paradox to denial that is often confronted in treatment. How do you know if you are in denial? What happens if you deny that you are in denial? What if you have been controlled by others in …

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