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Addiction is a Family Affair

For many of our clients, their biggest regret about addiction is the destruction it has caused in their marriages, families, and relationships. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), “Addiction is a family disease that stresses …

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Family Sessions Therapy

Family Sessions

Here at AToN Center we have our residents prepare for and participate in family work that can be healing and can help initiate support and motivation for themselves and family members. Residents work on an outline that addresses areas such …

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Denial & Loss of Belief Can be Triggers for Relapse

Denial & Loss of Belief Can be Triggers for Relapse

1. Become Defensive and Begin the Pattern of Denial If you are sliding back into your old addictive patterns, you probably don’t see it, and you may take a defensive stance toward others who point it out. An extremely defensive …

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