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Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

When residents enter into treatment, often they fear the physical withdrawal symptoms and forget about the emotional and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can make long-term

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Maintaining Motivation in Recovery

Maintaining Motivation

Residents at AToN Center are making major lifestyle changes. They “reset” their lives in a way – they stop drinking and using. They learn new

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Yoga a Healthy Outlet

A Healthy Outlet

It can be extremely helpful to find a healthy outlet to engage in when you are in recovery from substance abuse or behavioral addictions. This

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I was recently given an assignment by my sponsor/coach to write on the acronym WHEN. The assignment was to give a word to each letter

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An Apple a Day…

In treatment at the AToN Center there is often some time given to addressing healthy eating as a part of recovery.  Many residents have shared

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Active Listening

A major component of treatment at the AToN Center is Assertiveness Training.  Poor communication can contribute to relational issues – which in turn can harmfully

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Grounding During Recovery

Sometimes life can throw everything at us at once.  Work difficulties, legal problems, family distress and other unforeseen curveballs can send us into a tailspin.

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