Options for Pain Management

Alternative Options for Pain Management

Pharmacotherapy Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) Aspirin Naproxen Ketoprofen Acetaminophen – relieves moderate pain but it doesn’t reduce inflammation Opioids – used for severe pain after surgery or trauma Hydrocodone Vicodin Percocet Oxycodone, etc. When it comes to taking Opioids, pain management is essential and medication should be taken only as prescribed.  There are three different types...

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Relapse Prevention and Abstinence Self–Efficacy

Some researchers in the field of addictive behaviors have focused on the concept of "Abstinence self–efficacy", which is defined as the confidence to abstain from using alcohol or drugs in different situations. Multiple research studies have identified increased abstinence self–efficacy as a consistent predictor of...

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