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Mindfulness in Recovery

Mindfulness, what is it all about?

Practicing Mindfulness seems to be all the rave these days, we hear a lot about it and it seems to be everywhere, but why? People have been practicing mindfulness for many years and in recovery it has been a theme since the …

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Affirmations are like self-commands that we give ourselves daily. They are assertions that something exists and is true. For an affirmation to work it needs to be in the present tense, positive and specific. The affirmation above is one of …

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The field of Positive Psychology has focused on how to increase happiness and well being.  In studying “naturally happy” people, researchers have found that these people possess the following characteristics:  Optimism, gratitude, service.   Positive Psychology researchers have focused on applying …

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Positive Visions for the Future

In working as a Psychologist with the residents at the AToN Center I often see states of despair or hopelessness when residents are considering their futures. Some enter into treatment feeling defeated and beaten down by their addictions and struggle …

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Important Factors When Seeking Treatment for Addiction

An interesting read about what people view as important when seeking treatment in contrast to their opinions after treatment. Family members and individuals seeking treatment are often at a disadvantage when attempting to find treatment programs. Unfortunately the world of …

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