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Balance Your Life in Recovery

Balance Your Life

One of the six foundations of recovery as taught at AToN Center is to Balance Your Life. Having balance and a healthy lifestyle includes having

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Judgment and Criticism in Recovery

Learning Something New

Many times people in their addiction stay stuck in the cycle of believing, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that things are going well or

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Food for the Soul

Sometimes we can look at addiction from the perspective of feeding something that is in us,  a need, a desire, a craving…  Learning to feed

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Celebrate Being Sober


Sometimes when I am leading a group with the residents at AToN Center we talk about the triggering situation of going to parties while being

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Finding Freedom In Sobriety

Finding Freedom In Sobriety

Those suffering from addiction find many, many befits from early sobriety. One of those immediate benefits is regaining their personal freedom. It occurs to those

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