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Holiday Fun

Sober Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun

Happy Holidays

We all look towards the holidays with emotions and thoughts. Memories of past holidays could be happy, humiliating or even hurtful. Sometimes the thoughts we are holding onto feed into the emotions we are experiencing. We may hold resentments, have envy of others or shame in where we are at this time in our lives.

All of these emotions as well as the celebratory, joyful and exciting feelings can be internal triggers that can lead to drinking or using. The thought of being in treatment over the holidays can be difficult for many and especially when considering the thoughts and emotions that begin to flood in as we get sober.

At AToN Center we teach residents that there are many ways to think about the situations we are currently in or have been in in the past.

It’s truly a gift to begin to see things in the light of a rational mind. When we look to the reality of our situations and how valuable lessons can be learned in all that has happened we will see the silver lining ahead – the  true beauty of life is obtained…all in the eye of the beholder.

Enjoy the Journey!

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