Holistic Recovery Solutions

Holistic Recovery Solutions

Holistic Recovery Solutions

One of the ways that AToN Center differentiates itself from other treatment facilities is our emphasis on a holistic approach to recovery. We do not make the assumption that the removal of the substances of abuse alone will lead to all other aspects of life magically falling into place. We also do not believe that a single discipline or philosophy can account for the complexities of how addiction affects a person. A thorough approach to recovery can span across multiple areas of life and can use various specialized treatment providers.

At the start of treatment, medical aspects are the most important so that a person can be ensured a physically safe detoxification from whatever chemicals are in their system. After that there are a multitude of areas of life that are in need of attention and fortunately there are many different providers trained to meet those needs. A chemical dependency counselor can help with education about addiction and develop more skills for relapse prevention. A psychologist can help explore emotional issues and mental health concerns underlying the addiction.

Psychiatrists can conduct evaluations to see if medications can be of assistance with decreasing cravings or mood management. Other holistic providers can include dieticians, hypnotherapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, acupuncturists, meditation teachers and many others.  This only scratches the surface of the available services that can help guide a person to a new sober lifestyle.

Remember, your addiction has likely affected many different domains of your life and therefore you may benefit from having a holistic “treatment team” that can address each area competently.

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