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Making Meaning

Making Meaning in Addiction Recovery

Making Meaning

Making Meaning

There is something to be said about making meaning out of the journey of recovery as opposed to taking it lightly. Some believe this is a very important component to remaining on the path of sobriety, to allow ourselves a chance to heal and embrace the new life ahead.

I choose to believe all that has happened in my life leading up to and over the years through recovery has taught me many things that have been useful in helping others heal and find inner peace. If I allow even the pain to bring light to growth it can be used to give hope to another’s struggles which has been extremely valuable.

Honoring our recovery, shedding light on addiction, sharing the experiences with others may bring the unexpected miracles into our lives as well as diminish the shame that binds us to addiction in the first place, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Step out, when we take a chance we just never know what may happen and how the ripple effect of recovery can take hold, allowing a beautiful shift to take place in our lives.

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