Mistakes That Family Members Make With Their Loved Ones

Mistakes That Family Members Make With Their Loved Ones

Family working together for addiction recovery A family member’s addiction can complicate marriages, sibling relations and the whole family dynamic. Family members are pulled in all sorts of directions—wanting to show love without feeding the problem. And at the same time, they are being sucked into a world filled with addiction. Unfortunately, families often make the following mistakes.


  1. Enabling a loved one. Perhaps you are paying for your loved one’s housing or car. He’s therefore too comfortable to make the lifestyle change necessary now.
  2. Punishing a loved one.  Grieving parents or siblings might turn to anger and punishing behavior. Though you feel helpless, blaming and accusing won’t work. Someone in the throws of addiction needs multi-modality best practice treatment methods now.
  3. Believing the garbage. The addiction does not easily surrender itself. Determining which are his excuses and cries for help necessitates an expert. It’s hard to know the roadmap when dealing with this complicated situation and each person’s unique road to recovery.

Rather than solely put families through Al-Anon or a family program, AToN Center provides private family therapy sessions, usually 90 minutes long. They are facilitated by licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors or Clinical Psychologists. Residents discuss how substance abuse and misuse has impacted both them and their families.  Besides being of great value to families, many residents have reported this to be an especially helpful and powerful exercise during their treatment and recovery.


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