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PCP Addiction Treatment

PCP is a crystalline white powder and was used as an intravenous anesthetic in veterinary medicine in the 60’s.

It was never approved of for use on humans and for good reason. The drug caused delirium and extreme agitation when coming out of anasthesia following an operation.

Despite this, the substance is a popular street drug that goes by several different names: “angel dust”, “ozone”, “wack” and “rocket fuel”. It is called “killer joint” and “crystal super grass” when it is combined with marijuana.

PCP is addictive, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It will cause craving and compulsive PCP seeking behavior. Hospital emergency rooms get more than their fair share of PCP abusers who have overdosed or attempted suicide while high. These patients can often turn nasty and violent towards themsevles and others.

If you have an addiction to PCP, AToN Center’s private drug rehab can help. Our San Diego rehab has specialized treatment programs that can help jump start your recovery.

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