Per Truth in Advertising: Opiate Detox & Withdrawal
Per Truth in Advertising: Opiate Detox & Withdrawal

Per Truth in Advertising: Opiate Detox & Withdrawal

Per Truth in Advertising: Opiate Detox & Withdrawal

“The National Advertising Division (NAD) has referred internet advertising for the Opiate Freedom Center to the FTC after the company failed to provide any evidence to support claims that its at-home treatments help people in the midst of opiate detox and withdrawal, setting them on the path to becoming drug-free.

Challenged claims included:

  • Purported benefits: “Effective At-Home Relief, Promotes Recovery, Speed Your Detox, High Quality Nutrients”
  • The Freedom 5-Pack: “The Opiate Freedom Centers all-natural supplements were developed to naturally replenish depleted nutrients during opiate detox and withdrawal. It gives you the RIGHT nutrients, in the RIGHT amounts at the RIGHT times.”
  • Testimonial: “I totally kicked opiates! … Your method really works.”

The FTC should be familiar with such claims having just settled a complaint it brought against the marketers of two purported opiate withdrawal supplements, Withdrawal Ease and Recovery Ease, earlier this year.” – Truth In Advertising

News like this reminds us that there are dishonest opportunists who seek to take advantage of the misery addiction causes. In reality, there are no shortcuts for opioid detox. Although facilities like AToN Center can make detox as safe and painless as possible, there is no magic pill that can fix everything at home. Taking unregulated supplements and trying to detox on your own can be very dangerous. Detox should be medically supervised in order to ensure the health and safety of the person going through the withdrawals. Detox is not just uncomfortable; in fact in many cases it can be life-threatening.

Please don’t gamble with your health, especially when it comes to addiction. Speak to a medical professional as soon as possible if you are using substances or considering detoxing. You can also call AToN for non-emergency questions about our facility or a referral. We are here to help you get through detox in a safe and relatively comfortable manner. We also provide the much needed treatment to help you stay substance-free, since stopping your use is just the very beginning of your recovery journey.

Sarah Zucker, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
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