Persistence in Addiction Recovery



The residents I work with at AToN Center are most frequently in a very early state of recovery and are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally unwell. They will often wonder when things will get better. This is a difficult question to answer. There may be certain projections about when a person’s detox, withdrawal, emotional and physical health will come around but these can not be directly applied to any individual in their specific circumstances.  

The residents’ worry often comes back to the thought “will I ever get better?”. The truth is that recovery is hard work and an investment.  Often times the benefits do not come as quickly as one would want. The crux of my perspective is that things will not get better if a person returns to their addiction. That being said what is called for is persistence.  

Developing a rational thought that “if I keep doing the logical, helpful and beneficial activities, this is how things get better.”  Unfortunately, no one can tell another person “when” things will bet better.  However, with being persistent, dedicated and faithful, things can get better.
Chad K. Cox PsyD
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