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People diagnosed with alcohol or drug addiction can take advantage of San Diego residential treatment programs to avoid relapses. AToN Center residential treatment provides a high level of care during the detox and recovery stages.

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What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment, also known as inpatient treatment, is a detox and treatment program. Inpatient treatment is designed to provide the highest level of care for people diagnosed with alcohol or drug addiction. AToN Center in San Diego is a residential treatment facility located in San Diego. Our care facility is considered a certified non-hospital rehab facility. 

People struggling with substance use disorder receive detox services under the supervision of medical professionals. Treatment for drug dependency provided by AToN Center offers a holistic approach to managing addiction. The inpatient detox and addiction treatment are followed by less rigorous outpatient aftercare services within a continuum of care.

Residential care can help people struggling with mental and behavioral health build a foundation for recovery. Mental and behavioral health professionals are available around the clock for clients to feel supported. 

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Components of Residential Treatment

AToN Center residential drug addiction treatment programs offer:

Medical detox
Individual therapy
Medication management
Couple or family counseling
Addiction education
Skills-development sessions
Follow-up care
Recommendations to support groups

While residential treatment is not the only option for drug addiction management, our program can be more beneficial than the outpatient approach.

Residential Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment

People who struggle with substance abuse can choose between residential or outpatient treatment programs. While each client has a unique history of drug addiction, the two options provide different levels of care. One client may benefit from an outpatient approach, while another may require a residential program. Understanding the benefits of the two programs can help people choose an option that best meets their needs.

Here are the benefits of an inpatient program compared to what clients receive in the outpatient approach:

Am I a Candidate for Residential Treatment?

While residential treatment has numerous benefits over the outpatient approach, not everyone is a candidate for the program. In some cases, the outpatient option could offer the right balance between treatment and other aspects of life. Inpatient rehab is meant for clients who have struggled with addiction and relapses. Clients who have tried other options without success could benefit from the treatment.

The 24/7 care provided in residential programs reduces the chances of relapse by taking the person away from risk factors. Residential treatment offers a structured approach to addiction treatment that prevents relapse. In addition, residential treatment includes medical detox that helps people deal with withdrawal symptoms, a common cause of relapse.

In a nutshell, residential treatment is ideal for clients seeking a high level of care to prevent relapses. The residential treatment is best for clients seeking a safe environment for medical detox or developing skills for overcoming drug dependency.

What is the Duration of Residential Treatment?

The length of stay in an inpatient facility depends on the care required for the person to beat addiction. In most cases, residential treatment lasts between 30 and 90 days. 

While the length of stay may appear long, the structured nature of residential treatment keeps the client engaged throughout the stay. Clients may not even realize they have spent ninety days at the facility. Further, the success of residential treatment justifies the time spent at a rehab facility.

Detox (3-7 days), Short-Term Inpatient (28-30 days), Long-Term Inpatient (60-90 Days), Aftercare (120-150 Days)

What to Expect in Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment means that clients will live at the facility for as long as deemed medically necessary. People considering inpatient treatment may develop anxiety after realizing they must live away from their family and friends for some time. Understanding what to expect at an inpatient rehab center in San Diego may help reduce the anxiety.

Once a client completes the admission process, they are taken through a detox process. Detoxification helps flush out traces of drugs from the body system. After the detoxification process, the client begins their journey to recovery.

At the AToN Center, the client recovery process comprises a multidimensional approach to drug addiction treatment. The multitude of best practice addiction treatments provides a compressive treatment that addresses individual needs throughout the process. Clients should expect to:

  • Attend sessions that help them develop skills to cope with cravings
  • Attend counseling sessions
  • Get incorporated in support groups or group therapies
  • Participate in physical exercises

The Admission Process

At AToN Center, the admission process starts with contacting an intake staff. The preadmission process facilitates a smooth admission process. At this stage of the admission process, clients can have all their questions about inpatient rehab addressed. 

The intake staff proceeds to take the client’s information and history of alcohol or other drug misuse. Finally, the intake staff and the client agree on the date when the client arrives at the facility to start treatment.


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Our residential facility in San Diego can benefit people struggling with relapses or withdrawal symptoms. The structured nature of residential treatment centers helps the clients get the required level of care throughout the process. Our treatment team works with each client to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

AToN Center understands the challenges of drug addiction and your desire to overcome misuse. We provide a comprehensive client-focused residential treatment that prevents relapse and manages co-occurring conditions. 

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