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SMART Recovery® Program

AToN Center believes in an individual’s capacity to change.  SMART Recovery® is a self-empowering community support program that offers alternative or non-12 step rehab program components to recovery.  We feel the SMART® model is especially aligned with our cognitive-behavioral philosophy that asserts that an individual can change their feelings and behaviors through education and exposure to tools designed to help one change dysfunctional or distorted thought patterns.  AToN’s San Diego rehab center transports residents to a community SMART® meeting weekly, and teaches the tools contained in the SMART Recovery® Handbook.


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SMART Recovery® is a modern non-12 Step recovery program developed by a team of individuals including psychologists and addiction specialists.  SMART Recovery® is influenced by the work of Albert Ellis the founder of Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy, as well as humanistic, motivational theory, and recent psychological research.  It has evolved into an international program comprised of practical tools and exercises and is being widely utilized in correctional and community settings.  SMART Recovery® is a scientifically based program and is easily accessible through technological means, offering chat rooms, online meetings, and in person meetings.  Unlike most 12 step progtams, SMART Recovery® along with our other non-12 Step treatment programs, do not require belief in a Higher Power.


SMART Recovery® is an international network of non-profit self-help groups that are free.  It is an abstinence-based program that believes that individuals have the inherent power to change their lives with the right knowledge and motivation, and it views addictions as harmful habits.  SMART Recovery® techniques are taught through self-help publications, and through meeting attendance.  AToN Center recommends the SMART Recovery®

Handbook as a manual and workbook for practical application on how to live a life of abstinence.

SMART® stands for:


Smart RecoveryManagement




Our SMART recovery® rehab programming is comprised of a 4 point system that begins with 1) Enhancing and Maintaining Motivation to Abstain, 2) Coping with Urges, 3) Problem Solving which teaches how to manage thoughts feelings and behaviors, and 4) Lifestyle Balance which is about balancing long and short term satisfactions.


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