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Relapse from Recovery

Relapse is something that not all in recovery face, but many do. There are ways to look at relapse that are harmful and some that are beneficial. At AToN Center we try to look at relapse from a perspective that can be not only helpful to the resident that had experienced a relapse but others as well. To explore a relapse and really use all of the information for good, to learn and grow from the experience, to share with others, and possibly learn to prevent future relapses can be a healing process.

This is a way of looking back and not regretting the past but seeing it all as useful, helpful, and part of the journey of recovery. I thoroughly enjoy teaching this way of viewing life, allowing the shame to melt away and bring joy where there once was pain. I am blessed to be a part of a team that gives opportunity for new life and new ways of seeing the life we have. 

Kristin Colton, CATC II
CD Counselor
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