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Our Private, PPO Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab Welcomes Seattle Residents

Alcohol and drug addiction are complex diseases that have serious consequences on persons suffering from them, as well as those around them. Let AToN’s rehab in San Diego help you or your loved one find the path to recovery through our unique 12 Step and non-12 Step drug and alcohol rehab programs. AToN Center provides highly customized drug and alcohol rehab services to suit the individual needs of patients from Seattle WA – from young adults to executives looking for a private, luxury rehab.

By combining various best practice recovery tools for alcohol and drug rehab, and collaborating with experienced alcohol and drug treatment providers, we aim to empower clients to reach their recovery goals. To equip them with the tools necessary to live a sober life, AToN Center employs expert psychologists, counselors, and staff who are committed to guiding clients through drug or alcohol rehab. We also provide excellent amenities such as a saltwater pool, expansive gardens, private decks, and a glassed-in gym to create an environment conducive to drug and alcohol treatment, and promote healing and recovery.

Our drug and alcohol rehab specifically caters to out of state, Seattle residents because most Seattle PPO insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for our detox and drug and alcohol rehab services. Click here to verify your insurance. In addition, our out of state clients find that getting away from their toxic environments expedites their addiction recovery process.

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